Prioritise vulnerable clients

Our AI-assisted, human-centred system gives your clients the priority they deserve.

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A hand holding three cards of different customers, with different priority levels.

The HelpFirst advantage

Goodbye Self-Reporting
Self-reporting disadvantages clients who are less able to advocate for themselves.
Capture Nuance
HelpFirst uses Large Language Models to better grasp. your clients' needs.
Dynamic Detection
Vulnerability is often transient. Understand how your clients are doing right now.
No More name soup

Automatic Case Prioritisation

HelpFirst learns prioritisation from your best caseworkers. Organisational best-practice is captured and shared.


Simplified Case Scanning

Quickly see risk factors in each case. This reduces cognitive load for caseworkers as they switch between cases and minimises the need to sift through lengthy documents to understand a case.

Better insight into case LOAD

Balance Workload Across The Team

Supervisors can see which team members have the highest proportion of urgent cases. This protects against staff burnout and unnecessary staff turnover.

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Discover how HelpFirst can better help you understand vulnerability within your organisation

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