Intelligent case notes for caring organisations

LLM-powered case analysis to safeguard your clients and support your team.

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HelpFirst helps you deliver

Identifying vulnerable clients is the first step to giving them excellent care.
Routing clients effectively improves First Call Resolution and other key metrics.
Meet the increasing requirements to show proactive care for vulnerable clients.
No More name soup

Case Prioritisation

HelpFirst learns prioritisation from your best caseworkers. Organisational best-practice is captured and shared.


Easy-to-Scan Notes

Quickly see risk factors in each case. This reduces cognitive load for caseworkers as they switch between cases. No more skimming through lengthy notes to get up to speed when a new call comes in.

Better insight into case LOAD

Balanced Workload

Supervisors can see which caseworkers have the highest proportion of urgent cases. This protects against staff burnout and unnecessary staff turnover.


HelpFirst in 2 minutes

See how our intelligent case notes allow caseworkers to be more productive and clients to be better cared for.  

HelpFirst are a superstar team from the Civtech 8 cohort. Their speed out of the gate was absolutely phenomenal. The team really embody the ethos of CivTech, marrying innovation with the demands of government delivery.
Mark Elliot
Programme Director
The AI voice assistant has allowed our network to solve the long-standing issue of routing all calls to our collective entry portal to the most local Citizens Advice Bureaux for the client. For such a major project, the process was swift. This has been transformative for our network.
George Eckton
Director of Advice Services
Citizens Advice Scotland
We are excited about the potential of HelpFirst to help us better identify and prioritise our most vulnerable customers in a service where everyone is in a vulnerable situation.
Natasha Gilmour
Head of Operational Support
Extra Help Unit at Citizens Advice Scotland

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